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FFX-2 Gifs By

How to make Tifa Gloves

Needed material:

- Cotton undergloves (they are sold as light gloves usually white, they're used under the rubber gloves and are found in the supermarkets near the kitchen rubber gloves)
- Foam rubber 1cm thick
- White fabric (better if in cotton like the gloves)
- Studs or similar buttons
- A strip of gray fabric
- Bordeaux fabric color or else one red and one black, but in this case it must be in sachet.
- Black velcro to be sewn.


Let's take the undergloves and cut the fingers at the level of the knuckles, then for making a good job sew the cut border so that it don't pull the threads out, otherwise it's the same, they are strong gloves and seldom pulls the threads out.
Now, cut 2 foam rubber stripes 2cm wide and long as the circumference of your wrist. Cut another 1cm wide long enough to stay above the one cut before.
Now take the white fabric and cover the foam rubber stripes, like a pillow with the pillowslip. Cut also two pieces that will go on the trapezius of your hands and cover with white fabric like the others. Then remove the foam rubber because you need to dye the fabric.
Now take all the white fabric covers and the cut gloves and dye them execept the one 1cm wide. If you use red and black mix them so that the resulting color is a bordeaux. If you used a different fabric than that of the gloves the resulting color could be a little different. Put the foam rubber back in the covers and sew the pieces that go on the trapezius on the upper part of the glove and the 2cm stripes at the end of the glove. For allowing them to close on the wrist use velcro (better if black so it's less noticed).
For the 1cm wide, it must be black, you can use black fabric or you can dye it black. It must not be sew on the gloves but it goes on at the end, as you can see in the photo, on the right arm. For closing it you can use some velcro.
Now that the gloves are complete remains only the studs or the buttons. only on the right hand at the end of the trapezoidal piece insert 2 studs or 2 buttons.
Finally on the left hand roll the gray stripe around the hand and fix it under the palm.
And so Tifa gloves are finished and ready for the use.

by Hoshi

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