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How to make the Revolver (Squall's Gunblade)

Needed material:

- Multilayered plywood 150X40cm large 1,5 cm thick
- Papier-mâché (papermache)
- plaster (putty)
- Various wooden shapes (plywood and balsa wood)
- Sandpaper
- Loctite (super attack) and nails
- Gray Glaze
- Silver and black paint
- small chain
- Griever key holder
- Felt-tip pen to draw Griever


In fact making the Gunblade was quite easy. I bought a multilayered plywood board 1,5cm thick and 150x40cm large, on the table I drew the profile of the Gunblade, removing some details like the trigger and the hammer of the gun section, because they would have a thickness lesser than 1,5cm.
I realized the draw with a bigger proportion than that that it should be, because once sawn it looks smaller than as it appears in the draw, after the draw I bring it to the carpenter for sawing it, and making the edge of the blade.
At that point I started to do the handle: on the outline of the wooden handle I used papier-mâché to give the rounded shape, then I've used plaster to cover all and realizing a smooth surface by sandpapering the whole. For the gun-shaped parts I went to a hobby shop and bought various wooden shapes, mainly in plywood and balsa wood, that I've modeled as needed with hacksaw and sandpaper, then I fixed them on the sword using small nails and loctite.
For the coloring I first gave 2 coats of gray glaze as background for the paint, then I gave 2 coats of the final color, black for the handle and silver for all the rest.
After the coloring I worked on the last details: the chain with the pendant, I used a simple small chain form a hardware store and for the i used a key holder cutting the point; and the draw on the blade: initially I thought to carve it but I feared it won't look well, since I wasn't very able to do it and I was afraid it wouldn't be seen, furthermore there were too many lines. So I used a black felt-tip pen and I drew it on both sides of the blade. It was the more tiring work and I spent more than 3 hours for each side, for my nullity in drawing.
At that point the sword was complete and ready to been shown off, and I should say that I'm very proud of it.

by Squall-kun

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