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FFX-2 Gifs By

How to make the Flail (Selphie's Nunchaku)

Needed material:

* A curtain stick or a broom stick of about 3cm diameter (better if already colored)
* Black and silver adhesive tape
* Plastic chain
* 2 screws ending with a ring

For the coloring:

* Red syntectic spray glaze (if the stick has to be painted)
* Vernidas or transparent protective paint


Saw the stick in 2 pieces of about 70-74cm, paint them with red syntectic spray glaze if needed. Then screw screws ending with a ring at one end of each stick.

For the chain use a plastic or metal chain with large rings, we chose the plastic one because, even if in the game the color is silver, it's lighter and cheaper, furthermore in the vinyl model 1:6 that we used for the measures it was black. The chain length should be 95-100cm.

Open the rings at the top of the screws (bending them) and insert one end of the chain in each of them, then close the rings so that the chain can't exits.

Now it's time for decorations.
First put a strip of black adhesive tape (3cm high) on the lower part of each nunchaku (near the end opposite to the chain) at 3cm of distance from the end. Next put 2 strips of black adhesive tape (1,5cm high) on the part near the chain of each nunchaku. Put the first at 3cm of distance from the end, then let a 1,5 cm space and put the second. Then cut 2 "0" shapes from a silver or gray adhesive tape, with outer dimensions of 4x2cm and with a 0.5cm space inside. Stick them 1,5cm above the bigger black stripe, for a perfect work put them parallel to the ring at the top of the stick.

Finally give a coat of vernidas or transparent protective paint on the surface of the nunchakus, let dry and you'll have yours perfect nunchakus like those of Selphie.

by Hoshi

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