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FFX-2 Gifs By

How to make Rikku's Weapons

Needed material:

* Multilayered ply-wood 1.5 cm thick
* ply-wood 0.5 cm thick
* Spikes
* plaster or putty
* Sand-paper

For the coloring:

* Red metallic spray
* Red-golden or golden spray


Draw the body of the weapons on a 1.5 cm thick multilayered ply-wood.
Drill the holes and cut them with an electric hand-saw, make the edges with plane and rasps,
finish with sand-paper and plaster or putty.

Draw the golden rings on a 0.5 cm thick ply-wood, drill the holes and cut them.
Put the big flat headed spikes on the weapons.

Paint the weapons with metallic red and the rings with red-golden or golden paint.
Glue the pieces together and paint brown the handles.

by Zel and Hoshi

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