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FFX-2 Gifs By

How to make Thief Rikku's Costume


Needed material:
- Alkantara
- Velcro
- Orange laces
- Eyelets

For the skirt I used alkantara cloth, and for the model I did it watching many illustrations, then I inserted the eyelets and inside to them a orange leather strings.

To close the skirt, I used a piece of velcro.


Needed material:
- Cloth in Wool (Yellow)
- Cloth Colo for Batik (Red)
- Yellow Wool


For the scarf, you take wool tissue (yellow color) and with this you make a scarf ( double layer), now you take batik color (red) and dye for the center of the scarf ( some immersion are needed). When you have the right color you stop this procedure.

Now you take the yellow wool and make the plumes (for each are needed about 20).


Needed material:
- Pair of Boots in Leather
- Acrylic Color Spray
- White Silk Ribbon
-Yellow shoeslaces
- Eyelets

For the shoes I used a pair of boots in leather, I cut the upper part vertically to triangle.
Then I glued  another piece of leather under the triangle, so the triangle stay open.
Then I took some acrylic color (blue and white) and I painted the boots, to avoid that the colors mixed I used paper tape to divide the parts.
First you give the blue and then the white.
Now you put the eyelets on the back of the boots, and then you put in the
eyelet the yellow shoelaces.
Now you take some silk white ribbon and with glue you make the decoration on the border of the boots.
This is the method that I made my shoes.

Needed material:

- Yellow Lycra
- Orange Lycra or other Flexible Cloth


I think that the more right procedure for this is to take a panties similar to a tanga and to copy the model.

When you have copied the model in a paper, you bring it on the cloth, you use the same cloth that you used for the bra.
I advice that is better to use the yellow lycra.
When you have cut and sew it, take two strips of orange lycra or other flexible cloth, is better to use the same orange lycra of the bra or to find a similar color cloth.
Sew this two strips at the border of the tanga, if you make them in flexible cloth, they will stay on, in your hips without problems.

Remember that  the orange strips are really important in this pieces of the costume, because you will see only them over the skirt.

This is the correct method, but if you have haste you also can sew the strips over the skirt...but the result is not so wonderful


Needed material:

- White or Cream color Cloth, Semitransparent (Remember don't use of the Cyfone)


See the model of the Sleeve in a official Rikku's image, cut it on the paper and bring it on the cloth (remember to do this with open model and not already close^^;;;)

Now sew the  hem of the sleeve, but leave open it, you will close it with the ribbon.

Cut always in the cloth eight strips, these will became the strips for the ribbons.
Now sew them in the border of the sleeve,  in  specular mode  as you see in image n. 1.

For more security is better that you  close  the top side of the sleeve and insert in it a elastic strip, so the sleeve will rest on your arm without problem.

The Sleeves are ready, you must only  tie the strip and to do the ribbons.
(If you have some friend you wear the sleeves and ask at your friend to tie the ribbons, while if you are alone, tie the ribbons before to wear the sleeves-



Needed material:

- Yellow Strong Cotton Cloth, Yellow Leather or Faux Leather
- Buckle
- Orange laces
- Large Eyelets
- Press Stud


Cut the shapes similar to that  you see in the image n.1 on the cloth and  sew it.
You must make a little bag, so you take the right sizes on you  body.

Now cut in the cloth also a little  loop, where then you  will insert the  belt.
Remember to sew it not in the center of the bag, but more in height size, anyway you can see it in image n.2

Now put the eyelets on the opening and then over this sew the orange laces then in second moment you will insert in the eyelets's hole, so the bag will rest close.

For the belt you make it always in same cloth of the bag, remember to sew it in doulble layer, so it will be more resistent.
Now insert in it the press stud (you can insert it like closing or like decoration, check it in official Rikku's image).
Then when the belt will be ready, put in it also the buckle, I know that this type of buckle is dirricult to find, so you can costumize it.

Take a similar buckle without steel  bar in the middle and  make it with a  steel lamination or in other metals, that you can find in hardware store and attach it with strong glue (loctite) or fuse it with  oxyhydrogen flame.

The last thing, to do stay the bags more swollen, you can insert inside them a piece of foam rubber.


Needed material:

-  A pair of gloves in leather color bordeaux or dark brown in alternative leather in these color.


My advice is to buy a pair of gloves in leather color bordeaux (is better) or dark brown, then to cut the finger in the middle.
Now with a cotton  thread of the right color sew and stop the stitchs cut, so the gloves won't break.

In alternative if you don't find a gloves you can do them with leather, you take the model of another pairs of gloves.

I advice you to don't use the faux leather, because will make sweat the hands, and is more likely that it break with the hot.


Needed material:

-  A White Hair Band or Flexible Cloth.
- Blue Color for Batik


You can take a large hair band color with or make it with flexible cloth (remember don't use the lycra, because it don't absorb the batik color, is better a flexible cotton).
Making a hair band is really simple, cut a long strip the two ways the right size.
Now fold  it in two, and sew it in the border, to leave a border open.
Now turn over it and close also the last open border (remember to close it with the border inside, like the other bordres).
Then sew the two extremities together.

Now whe you have the hair band ready, prepare  the color for batik and dye it with many baths to create a soften.


Needed material:

- Two Yellow Feathers
- Orange Acrylic Color for Airbrush
- An Airbrush
- Hooks for Hearings

If you find already a pair of earring with yellow feather is better, but you can also to costumize them.

Anyway you can take the feather or the earrings with feathers, and with a airbrush with orange color soften it.

If you have alread the earrings, you finished them...but if you have only the feather now make this.

Put the hooks (remember to buy only piece don't only the hook but also the join for it) at the feather, and them are ready.
(remember to don't buy only the hook but also the join for it)

About the hooks to buy a long hooks, because the earrings of Rikku are with a long hook. (Check in official Rikku's image)


Needed material:
- Yellow lycra
- Orange lycra or silk strip
- Orange laces
- Eyelets
- Bra's cups
- Black leather belts
- Two buckles


Take two bra's cup with  triangle shape.
Cover them with yellow lycra (as you see in the first image)

Now take a strip of orange lycra or silk and sew it around the  bra's cup covered with yellow lycra. (see the image)

Put two eyelets on every bra's cup over the attached orange strip; here you will put the orange laces, when you will link the two cups. (image n. 3)

Now sew a little yellow lycra strip at the two cups ( remember to do this in lycra, because it must be flexible,  so also without fasteningr you can wear the bra, without break it or open it with  orange laces.

Then sew a short black leather belt with a buckles at the hight side of the cup. (image n. 4)

when you finished this, put in the buckles a long black leather belt, that will go from a cup to other cup. (you see this in the image).

So you finished all the Rikku's Bra.

Note: You can do it also without bra cups but I advice for the persons with big breast is better to use the cups.


Needed material

- Long  Blonde Wig
- Blue and Pink beads of various dimensions.
- Trasparent Rubber Bands for hair
- Black Rubber Bands for hair


Take a normal  blonde wig for carnival, Halloween  or other event in costume of your country. (Image n. 1)

Don't worry if your wig isn't a perfect, without longer hair or right fringe, in this tutorial I'll teach you how adjust it.

Tie the hair's wig in ponytail with a black rubber band, but leave two hair locks in front and  behind, as you see in image n. 2.

Now do four little pigtails at these locks and tie them with trasparent rubber band and put in them the beads (image n. 3)
Here you must use two types of beads,  two big (blue and pink) and two really small. (for the right color check on the official Rikku's image).

Take in the pony tail some locks, and do also at these little pigtails and close them always with trasparent rubber band as in the image n. 4 (check the number of pigtalis onofficial Rikkus' image)

Now  insert  a medium beads in the middle of the pigtails, then insert the bottom side of the pigtails in the black rubber band, as you see in the image n. 5,
while you insert the pigtails you  must cross they between them.

Now if you see that your ponytail isn't long enough, buy a hair blonde extension (you can do it also with another wig, cut the hair and sew it on the cloth strip) and insert this appilication  inside at the black rubber band, so you will have a longer ponytail. (see the image n. 6)

If the fringe is too short, take or make an extension and sew it at the wig with a normal  needle (you must sew it by hand, because with sewing machine it's impossible to do and the result won't be good). Image n. 7

Now put the wig on you head, and insert the hair band, and  put on it the two free pigtails on it, as you see in the image n. 8

So your wig will be ready.^^

by Hoshi

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