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FFX-2 Gifs By

How to make Songstress Rikku's Boots

Needed material:
- A Pair of Boots in plastic or glossy leather or faux leather
- Violet or blue feathers
- Yellow Cloth strip
- Red Acrylic Spray
- Orange Acrylic Spray
- Yellow Acrylic Spray


Take a pair of boots in plastic, glossy leather or faux leather, anyway the surface must be smooth.
Now you give the yellow acrylic spray on the boots, then soften of  color orange the boots, leaving the top part with a yellow color.
Now do always the same proedure but in bottom side  and with red color.
It's possible that you  must give some times the various color because all are soften.
When all will be dry, take a yellow cloth strip and sew or glue on it the feathers.
Now you put the boots in your foot, and inside at the top part the strip with feather, leaving only the feather that exit to the boots.
Isn't necceray that you glue the strip at the boots, because if the boots are tight you must insert them at you foot without  break the feathers.
Don't worry, if the boot is tight the feathers will rest fixed in it.

by Hoshi

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