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FFX-2 Gifs By

How to make Yuna's Staff

Needed material:
- Staff or Wood
- Acrylic Color Spray
- Piece of Wood (Multy Layerd plywood)
- Plexyglass or Trasparent Plastic
- Piece of a tool to give water at the plants
- Plastic circles
- Bell and bead
- String
. Waterproof Varnish

take a normal staff of wood, and paint it with acrylic spray color (then if you want, you can also  do it with brush the draw of the marble)
Now cut the silhouette of the top side (you can find the sketch on the Costume Images, in a draw of Yuna), on the piece of wood (is better the multi layered plywood)
now use the  waterproof varnish on this part and then color it with gold acrylic spray color.

Now cut the blue silhouettes  always of top side in transparent plastic (plexyglass)  and color it with blue color.
Connect together the top part and the staff with two little metal plates and screws.
Now take a piece of a tool to give water at the plants (sorry but I don't the correct english therm), and color it of silver, then put it on the staff and glue the top side of the weapon on it, and under it put a silver plastic circle.
Glue also the blue little silhouettes at the top side in the their places.
Now color the bottom of the staff with red color and put  the gold circle in plastic (you can us the circle for tents).
And color of gold the little bottom part between the last circles.

As last thing put the hook on the bottom side and attach to it the string with a silver bead and the bell.

by Hoshi

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